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Each panning outing is an educational experience for your class. We instruct your group as you pan assisting you in identifying all of the gems and minerals you find. We are in the process of creating an educational area for your group to learn more about different types of rocks and minerals.

  • Gem bags are $18 each – contains about ½ pound of gems like quartz crystals, amethyst, pyrite, citrine, emerald, garnet
  • Fossil bags are $18 each – filled with fossils such as sharks teeth, stingray plates, bones and dolphin teeth
  • Mineral bags are $18 each – contains many minerals such as malachite, quart, pyrite, agate, marble, granite, sandstone and limestone
  • Sea Treasures - $18 each – contains gorgeous shells and sea glass of many colors

Bags may be split for costs purposes if needed.

The panning process begins by pouring some of the dirt mixture from your bag in a screen and wash it in our sluice (running water). There are many sizes of minerals and gems large and small. Your group will each be provided a Ziploc bag to save their finds. We assist in writing names on each bag to prevent any confusion. There are examples posted on site where children can compare their finds and learn the name of each.

A maximum of 25 persons can pan at once. If you have more than 25 in your group, it is an option to divide them and use our picnic tables to have centers or bring lunches. Panning takes about 30-45 minutes. We currently take cash or check only and are working on taking credit cards.

We are open Friday through Sunday 10:00-4:00. Let me know a day that you are interested in and I will let you know what times are available. For larger groups we open during the week if needed.

For more information or to reserve a time, please email us at bluediamondgemz@yahoo.com.